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Carlo Venezia
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Looking ahead! Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Dark kitchen cabinets

The white kitchen is a classic, but many are getting quite bored of a kitchen with minimalistic pop in color. Black cabinets are big rave now and might even be replacing grey. Black cabinets portray elegance with a deep rich luxurious style that the other options just can’t. It gives the kitchen a subtle dramatic essence. Combined with warm chestnut wood and gold finishes, you have an updated twist to an eighties classic. More and more homeowners are getting bolder which allows for us designers to get even more creative! Expect to see tons of black and darker color shades in the trendiest home of 2020.


The no upper cabinet trend

Another slow quiet trend that’s been quickly gaining speed in the last couple of years is the no upper cabinets. The best way to achieve openness is to eliminate those upper cabinets! It’s a very modern and simplistic approach. If you’re building or remodeling adding a true butler’s pantry or with islands getting bigger we can easily use storage solution cabinets to make up for the lost storage.


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