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Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Spotlight

Let’s begin with a cabinet that most people are unaware of, a blind base corner cabinet! A blind base cabinet is a corner cabinet used to transition from one wall to another, without leaving a large empty/void space. It is also used when other corner cabinets, such as a lazy susan, are not desired or are not appropriate for the given space. In fact, prior to the popularization of the lazy susan, blind base cabinets were the corner cabinet of choice. Their down fall at the time, was the inability to fully access the cabinet. All that has changed with new technology which allows you to access the entire cabinet. This new design maximizes storage with the use of special rail systems called "magic corners" or "kidney bean pull outs". Blind base cabinets also give a more defined 90-degree corner, resulting in a squarer look as opposed to a lazy susan’s rounded corner. Please view the attached picture and video to see the functionality of the blind base cabinet.

Click here to view on YouTube.com.

Our second spotlight is the 2-tiered cutlery divider!

Common question: "Do I really need that accessory?"

The answer is Yes! Why keep your fine silverware stored in a fancy box in your china closet? Why go through the hassle of having to dig it out every time you entertain? We tend to entertain more frequently in our new modern kitchens. Having your fine silverware accessible is such a convenience, especially with the holidays approaching. Now you can show off your fine silverware instead of it being a hidden gem. When considering the 2-tiered cutlery divider ask yourself this…..Am I satisfied with the amount of drawers in my kitchen layout? If so, sacrificing one drawer for a 2-tiered cutlery divider is a great option for your new kitchen. Check out the short video of one in use. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up a design consult.

Click here to view on YouTube.com.


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