Large Format Tile in a small bathroom?

Is my 12x24 tile considered “large format”? Nope! Today we’re talking 30x30, 24x48 and 30x60’s. Technology has made these tiles available in large squares or rectangles. One of the many benefits to large format tile is being able to minimize grout joints, creating a clean and elegant design. Not only does this create a seamless look, it is also easier to clean and requires less maintenance.

Design versatility is music to a designer’s ears. For instance, a staple in every queens or Brooklyn bathroom is a 60” bathtub. Now with large format tile you can take a 30x60 tile horizontally laid you will only need 3 tiles! Giving you a luxurious look of full slabs on your back feature wall! Take a look at the pictures of recent projects done with large format tiles. Call or come in to make this hot new trend a reality in your space!

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Brooklyn Tile and Design- A Small Business with Big Resources

So, the time has come to bite the bullet on your kitchen or bathroom remodel. You have glanced through Pinterest and Instagram for ideas. You feel inspired! YAY! You have loads of questions. Now what?!

Most homeowners do not even know where to begin. This is where the professionals come into place. How do you find them? They are closer than you think. Let Brooklyn Tile and Design help you out. Below are a few reasons why you should consider shopping with us.

Mudroom Storage Ideas for All Spaces

In today’s climate, many homeowners are asking themselves “Does my home serve me or am I serving my home?” Homeowners are seeking functionality, comfort, and style. Mudrooms are a great way of achieving all three! Think your space cannot accommodate a mudroom…Think again.

Mudrooms successfully connect the interior spaces of the home with the great outdoors. This in-between spot is where everyone should pause to drop their boots, shoes, coats, hats and other outerwear eliminating clutter within your home.

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