Custom Cabinets with Brooklyn Tile and Design!

You can find Stock and Semi-Custom cabinets in almost everyone’s home. Looking for something different? Custom Built cabinets made locally in the heart of Brooklyn! Yes, we offer custom built cabinets designed and manufactured down to the 1/16 of an inch to your unique footprint. Talk about a conversation piece with friends and family at your next gathering. Here are some key benefits to custom cabinets.

Durability and Longevity! That’s what you get with custom cabinets. The superior construction of the cabinet box made and assembled in a state of the art custom mill shop that only uses the highest quality woods. Differentiating from mass produces cabinet manufacturers that use subpar materials.

CHOICES! We love having options now a day. Sometimes looking on a shelf at the limited amount of door styles and colors some manufacturers offer isn’t enough. With custom you can pick from any door style then pair it with any wood species and pick your very own color and finish. Giving you complete control of the look and feel of your kitchen.

ADDED STORAGE SPACE! We can utilize every inch with custom cabinets because we don’t have to design with your standard 3” intervals. This allows us the freedom to design and build without wasted space. You can also now have cabinetry in places you didn’t think you can have them or where standard cabinets couldn’t allow for the more detailed modifications.

Check out some of these beautiful completed projects of previous custom kitchens. If this sounds like a great fit for you and your family, call to set up your appointment for a consult.

View some completed projects in the image gallery below.

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