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Are Wood-Look Tiles Here to Stay?

You may be familiar with the newly popularized tile trend: Porcelain wood-look tile. Since it hit the design scene a few years ago, many have wondered whether the look is here to stay. Good news: It is!

Wood has always been a timeless option for adding+ texture, scale, and charm to a home. Porcelain is a staple in the tile industry for a scratch, wear, and fade-resistent finish. The marriage of these two options has created the opportunity to get the wood look with longevity! Today's manufacturing process allows for precice graining details in any style imaginable! Varying sizes such as 3x20 or 6.5 x 40 provide the look of a wooden plank floor. Mosaics in different hues and combinations create eye catching backsplash options. Want to see it up close? Give us a call to set up an appointment in person to view over 50 styles on display.


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