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Brooklyn Tile and Design- A Small Business with Big Resources

So, the time has come to bite the bullet on your kitchen or bathroom remodel. You have glanced through Pinterest and Instagram for ideas. You feel inspired! YAY! You have loads of questions. Now what?!

Most homeowners do not even know where to begin. This is where the professionals come into place. How do you find them? They are closer than you think. Let Brooklyn Tile and Design help you out. Below are a few reasons why you should consider shopping with us.

Expert in the Field

This is what we know! As professionals, we have a plethora of knowledge and expertise in the field. We will listen to your wants, needs, and help your vision come to fruition. Not sure how you want your kitchen design to look like? No worries. We will redesign and redesign until you are happy with the final layout. Along with design, we can put together a beautiful color palette of tile complimenting your space.

Product Diversity

Brooklyn Tile and Design takes huge pride knowing that what is sourced is unique and not massed produced. Products here are always evolving, as we are constantly re-evaluating our customers wants and needs. We have constant pulse on current trends and styles.

One Stop Shopping

We know your time is valuable. There is no need to go store to store. Here at Brooklyn Tile and Design we have you covered! From metal trim to faucets, counter tops to shower heads- we can source it all! Our goal is to make your shopping and remodel experience as easy as possible.

Better Customer Service

The biggest perk of shopping here is the personalized customer care you will receive. If you call us, we are here to answer in person! When you drop by, someone will be readily available to help you out. We will even get to know you on a first name basis, making you feel right at home when you walk in. We are here for you from inception to the end of your dream project. You will truly receive white glove service.

Get to know Brooklyn Tile and Design. We are ALWAYS happy to assist. We promise, besides creating a beautiful space you will love, you will end up with a new neighborhood friend.


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